Whats Lost

Written by: Carl Fraser

 I know a lot wont agree with this one, but i have my reasons, its a touchy subject i know, and i'm sure reviews will be mixed but im ok with that.

  A hero's life ended today,
before he ever came to be;
  He'll never take his first steps,
or the person he's supposed to be.
  He won't get to run in races,
or wear the ribbons that he earned;
  He won't have plaques upon his walls,
in honor of all he learned.
  He won't get to have a first date,
or hold someone he loves so dear;
  He won,t celebrate his bithdays,
when they pass him by each year.
  He won't bear any children,
to carry on his good name;
  He'll never see them smile at Christmas,
or teach them any games.
  He'll never get to walk down the aisle,
in a dashing tuxedo all adorned;
  For it was chosen for this hero not to live,
before he was ever born.
  He won't fight for his country,
for the freedoms we all share;
  For the freedom to live was denied him,
by his country who forgot to care....