Dark Woods

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Dark Woods Twenty years ago the people of the town buried a maniac murderer in the woods A big stone without a name rests over his grave Perhaps to remind everyone the evil that once stood An evil that has no boundaries, no shame They made sure his body was burned from head to toe Leaving nothing but his ashes left to bury in the ground Did that really rid his dark soul? Or got him mad enough for him to one day come back around It’s Halloween night and a group of teenagers decide to go camping in the woods They knew about the legend of the maniac being buried there Curiosity enticed them to party where evil stood But little did they know that his spirit still remained dark in its lair The night began to grow dark and windy leaving shadows under a full moon The fire they made was burning embers of fears through their bones The night suddenly grew eerily quite out of the blue All of a sudden they heard footsteps and felt they were no longer alone They heard twigs snapping in two and movement by their tent sides They started to hear someone whisper that creepy song The song that the maniac murderer would whistle before someone dies Then eerily, a cold wind blew at them so violent and strong Knowing they were in danger they began to run through the woods paths Heading towards the way where they vehicles stood But when they finally got there they found themselves in his wrath All their tires were slashed and the wires were all taken out under their hoods Their cell phones couldn't hold any signals to call for help They all stood there in a circle looking around them desperately hoping for a rescue But what they couldn't realize was that they were already in hell The ground underneath them began to open up in hell’s fiery hue They hear that song in a whistle from the ground below As they try to run the ground becomes cook sand, sinking them all in The atmosphere soon fills up with their dying echoes In the dark woods, where the townspeople said it buried the devil’s kin What are you standing over? Happy Halloween!!