The Evil Trick or' Treater

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

The Evil Trick O’ Treater We all open our doors on Halloween night Thinking that only harmless trick or’ treaters are behind the door We take for granted that evil may lurk in our blind sight Behind costumes of innocent faces or is there something more? Many years ago their was a young boy born evil in so many ways In his clown costume, he went absolutely crazy and killed his family on one Halloween night Imagine that your house was where they all once stayed Lived between your walls in a nightmare that took their lives This is what happened to a man who had no idea of his house’s history He had not a clue the evil that left its imprint in the house he dwelled And tonight only feeds its energy because it’s Halloween Opening the gateway to what the townspeople calls hell His door bells rings and adorable trick or’ treaters are dressed up in costumes It’s eventually 8:30 pm so he decides to shut the outside porch light He sat down in his chair watching TV without even a clue- The darkness that was standing behind his door on the outside He hears the doorbell ring making him jump in his seat He stands behind his door and puts on his porch light With curiosity he looks inside the peep hole but he can’t see- The evil that waits for him in blind sight He shuts the door and sits back down to watch TV When suddenly he hears the door knob turning violently in the room He looks over and shouts, “Who are you? Get away from me!” Then the door violently opens wide and there stood a trick or treater in a clown costume The trick or treater charges over to the man sitting in his chair You hear the man’s screams echoing in the walls along with the other dark memories that remain there The night grows old as Halloween comes to an end But not the history of that house that will find its victim again..
Think before opening your door tonight! Happy Halloween!!