The Fog

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

The Fog Tonight makes fifty years of the anniversary of their death They shall come back for revenge with coldness in their breath Many years ago, people in the town stole the fishermen’s gold Hid it between the walls of a church that remains centuries old When the fog rolls in, their large ship will be found drifting on the ocean’s tides Waiting to seek their retaliation to all who resides The fog will glow in the shadows of them walking through Waiting to sink their hand hooks deep within you When they arrive at your door you will hear heavy knocking sounds Sounds that will leave shivers up your spine, knowing that you are found If you refuse to let them in, the fog will roll under the door Inviting them in your room so they can finish what they came there for I tell you, beware of the fog tonight when it appears They will be lurking in the fog waiting to give us our worst nightmares Keep reminding yourself to look out for a ship at sea Their ghost ship will be resting up on the ocean stirring back at you mysteriously And whatever you do, don’t open your door to see who’s on the other side They will be there waiting with a sickle in their hands waiting for you to step outside Waiting in the shadows of the fog which glows Angrily searching for their stolen gold Happy Halloween!!!!!