You had that look again, upon your face
A mask of happiness a lustful daze
That evil lil’ smirk, as I hit my knees
The concrete bruising, as I felt nothing

Only the tension throbbing, in your eyes
As my fingernails grabbed your thighs
I could bite your hipbones, for hours on end
but twenty minutes and heaven did ascend

I heard the angels call out your name
Or was that me, begging in my shame
Your time had come, but where was mine?
laying empty in the bottle of wine!

When the first rays of light hit the pane
I knew you had to go, just glad that you came
Your work calls you away for days
As mine just begins, all the things I have to say!

A few days will pass now
Without a word from you somehow
I sit alone invisible
Its not so bad, I’m still kissable!