Wedding bells

Written by: Sneha Agarwal

A new phase of life realized
Gifted by the year 2012
Roles changed completely
Made life all more beautiful
Time came to become wife
Everywhere music so unique
A different sentiment smiled
Happy sadness struck the eyes
Sweet memories of child life
Moving ahead like shopper’s pride
Preparations for marriage started
Get together with relatives & friends
Prepare lovely dance numbers
Eat and joy with dreamy smile
Talking to the would be all moment
Waiting for the special day
And then it came with all spark
I became the bride …
Standing with the love of my life
To unite beyond eternal
2012 gifted me with all the best
Change of life took a new span
Thanks for the glory life gained
In just a day all of it changed
Now the journey is so anew
Wish it may grow more special
Years may bring in more luster
2012 marked a start of…
New life, new hopes… new stride