My Ducks Quack Just Won't Come back

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

My pet duck Stanley, boy what a pet is he
They say in a cave his echo, won’t come back to me
Now Stanley is not just a duck, he is special through and through
I am sure he could raise an echo not just for me, but you too…

The thing about ducks is, there is a myth
That in an echo chambers there not a whiff
Not a sight or sound of a duck's quack 
When it quacks its loudest one, it doesn’t echo back…

Stanley, we taught him from a duckling how to swim,
He had a yellow string tied on to him
There were Pikes with big teeth in the place where he swam
We wanted to make him as safe as we can.

He learnt to quack whenever he was afraid
Because that’s what ducks do, that’s how they’re made
He is such a clever duck I can assure you of that
And I am sure if he quacks in a cave, his echo will come back.

Off to Wookey cave one day went we
Stanley sat quietly upon my knee
Into the dark and cavernous cave
Stanley waddled in, oh so clever, oh so brave…

To test the myth of a ducks quack having no echo
We needed Stanley to quack, and quack just so…
He turned and looked when I made the request
As if to say you are nuts - and that is at best…

Stanley would not, now, quack for me 
He waddled on in and sat down so comfortably
I cajoled, I pleaded, I begged on my knees
Just one quack for me Stanley only one… please.

He tucked his head under his wing oh so white 
I thought perhaps if I gave him a fright
I started to talk of duck fried and crispy
Or orange sauce pouring and lips smacking quickly…

Stanley turned and looked at me with disgust
He got up and waddled off, shaking the dust
I have never seen Stanley from that day to this
He never returned like the echoing myth…

If you see a white duck with a yellow string on his leg
Tell him to return home, unlike his echo… I said
I promise I will never try to test the quacking myth any more
I just want to see Stanley walk back through my door. 

© ~GG~30/10/2102