Written by: Amanda Sullivan

long tall stalks,
like a ladder,
tiny buds in thy thoughts,
array of colors,
pink through to yellow,
the buds one fine murky morning,
stay in mourning,
until the sun rises,
the Gladioli surprises,
it awakens after dawn,
to a massive spawn,
of Gerbera's to accompany.

Each morning when one arises,
it's often to a vase full of surprises,
through the foul smelling water,
it's one more bud that does not falter,
such a fragile and delicate look,
almost to afraid to touch,
such spine chilling beauty right before my eyes,
the delicate bloom,
the pastel shade of color,
makes my mind wander,
field's of beauty and splendor,
is to one a tremendous reminder,
of the beauty, vision and dreams we encounter.