Nature's complaint

Written by: Paul Knight-Kirby

Rumbling collision of vapour, 
The dancing ritual the increased 
caper, acts of earthly vigil, 
autonomously the same above, the 
cosmic storm fitted quietly upon the 
pupil, all fractions and pixelled 
evolving minerals, blinking gold-
laden crystal, the workshop of clarity 
, the milk and oil contrast reality, the 
true light festering among the 
counter core of creation, giving 
place to life just a sound a musical 
note,  manifested 'this' into being as 
perceived, contrived through it and 
believing, if you lose meaning that's 
the mind retreating from the 
anarchy peace your seeking, soul 
stirringly appealing, jump out from 
the blocks of inner vision and into 
the springs of new dimensions, 
sinking illusions finger tipped grasp 
at perfection, not a lonely road but 
one of anguish and sorrow, dying 
today searching for tomorrow, then 
your begin to understand nature's 
complaint, and nature's reason for 
acts of terror and charges of treason