Written by: andrew delapruch

s/he can’t remember now
just when they diagnosed him/her,
but the mark has been made---
doesn’t wash off in the shower,
doesn’t go when s/he drifts off
to sleep,
doesn’t leave him/her alone
even in the most intimate of
yes, the doctors
are always there,
pointing their finger
pointing their finger
pointing their finger---
armed with a majority of idiots
who will believe anything they read
marching behind a 21st century
consensus &
s/he is but one whose life has been
turned upside down 
by this thing that s/he carries inside
which the scientific community
in their most compassionate of days
define as an “illness,” a “disorder,”
a “lack,” 
of what has been determined
prior to this individual’s own existence
to be the required amount of
chemicals inside,
to function like the rest of the
hating, lying, cheating, abusing, 
stealing & murdering mass
that others like to call
s/he doesn’t wear it on his/her sleeve
like so many who buy into it,
doesn’t buck up & grin,
“like it’s all part of a plan,”
as religious dumb****s will say,
right behind their new age pals
who hide behind “everything 
happens for a reason,” walking
in a vague haze of what at the end of
the day is only slavery to more
“spiritual” nonsense---
no, the mark was made
early, the damage had already 
been done & after being 
branded by others who think
they know better, s/he harbors
nothing but anger.