My One fear

Written by: Joyce Johnson

My younger years were free from fear,
No threat of danger coming near.
No phobias that come to mind.
I release all spiders that I find.
I do not care for mice or rats,
Or slimy snakes or flying bats,
I’m protected from them by my cats.

So I think that my only fear
Is losing someone I hold dear.
Until thirty-five, my life was charmed.
I was defenseless and unarmed
When my beloved daddy died.
Bitter were the tears I cried,
And now I’ve lost so many more,
It’s been like one big one-way door.

I’d like to have a strong iron fence
To protect from ills and accidents
The precious ones that I hold dear.
To lose them is my biggest fear.

Written October 29th, 2012

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