The Darkness In Us

Written by: Joel Lee

The beauty of the moon ever so constant
For the love we shed for the night
The many reasons we believe ourselves broken
For the very lives to live... we have died

The very idea of death is humanity
Because we all live with an inability to explain
Why have dreams when we have reality?
Need we the adequacies to be pained?

Given light we fail to see
We look to the dark to compensate for
A cause to can and never be
How we yearn for lights in the darkness to call!

And forever we love to never admit
Refusing in the forever world of acceptance
The remaining humanity we accept to keep
Haven’t we the light forever kept in distance?

A pleasure to say thank you
Haven’t we the night to ourselves once more?
Day’s a fleeting for nights only you knew
Some dark... have you forgotten to live for?