The Escape

Written by: Laura Breidenthal


Hide away from them and listen, 
Let the newness of friendship glisten, 
We’ll find our paths in heated stone,
And we will never look back to be alone.

We will run like deer into the brush, 
To hide in the blissful streams and lush;
To reeds and lockets we have come to open,
We shall leave the empty statutes frozen.

If you wish to flee from I,
I shall not hasten to say goodbye;
With many a snare they may reel you in,
But you and I will win over again.

Canceled appointments and life’s loose coming-
It is no wonder we are left running; 
Don’t look at the others succeed,
For they will fall faster in the tangled weeds.

Crawl into the dark with me,
Into euphoric mystery;
Let them worry about the glare,
The glowing eyes in the ground will stare.

There is much to lose beside more pain,
And the greatest loss will be your gain;
As long as you resist all spite,
To enter into the faintest, fleeting light