October, 1966

Written by: DrJim Martin

Forty four years ago this month
An adventure in life was started.
I never would have dreamed it would thus be
As I, from these shores, departed.

A youngster was I, though otherwise convinced,
Was eager for a change of pace.
Arriving in Europe for a three year tour
Beginning an experience I would long embrace.

The climate, culture, environment, and all
Was something too amazing to describe.
Though not fully realized at the time,
I surely will now ascribe.

Trying to adapt to a language new
Was begun with much intensity.
Astonished was I to humbly accept
A shunned Alabama propensity.

Traveling to countries round about
When work would often allow,
Is something I miss, more each day
This certainty I loudly avow.

Yes, this Alabama lad now with grey hair
Is reminded of a time years distant.
If I could relive some of this time,
I’d jump, in an Alabama instant.