Written by: Andrew Crisci

Sandy was the scariest storm of the season
with gigantic waves rising and battering shores
as violent winds lashed houses and trees;
there was no safe place for someone who knows
how frightful and real is Nature's wrath watched from a window,
and until it left, faith brought me to my trembling knees;
I still cuddle up in a warm blanket and await the sunrise's first glow,
not thinking of death, but surviving for a good reason! 

Boats and yachts in the Long island Sound were secured with anchor's chains
and rocking they withstood the surge's massive force resisting doom, 
but the small bungalows along the roaring shore
gave into the rushing waves that advanced like a warrior!.
How awful they looked without doors and windows!
How sad were the pitiful shrieks of fleeing seagulls and raves!
Those rain shawls, accompanied by steady wind, kept on lashing the soaked dunes...
till they disappeared into the ocean's twenty feet tides controlled by an unseen moon!
The devastation of Sandy has left its anguishing memory in me,
and being afraid it will return...I shiver thinking of another catastrophe!