Boy VS Man

Written by: Eileen Manassian

There is only so much energy 
Only so much I can expend
I must be wary and save up
For somebody who won’t pretend

I have only so much life force
Only so much that I can spare
I need to use it frugally
For somebody who’ll truly care

All my days on earth are numbered
Soon my precious time will be through
So please tell me, my pretty boy
Am I wasting it all on you?

Are you going to break my heart, boy?
Are you going to make me cry?
If you’re thinking to fool around
Then I’m going to bid you goodbye!

You see there is only so much, dear
My time and love are in demand
I don’t have an endless source, boy
So you had better take your stand!

Decide to be exclusive, boy
For my passion will make you burn
It will add days to your life, boy
You'll forget what it means to yearn

Life will not last a long time, boy
Please tell me that you’ve got a plan
Promise me I’ll never regret
Expending my life for my man!