Will You Be Mine

Written by: Akash Yadav

I tried the kind sober way
And tried the angry hardened way;
All you'd do is see and frown:
I even acted like a clown...
Defeated, hoping that you may
Have something, at least something to say
To this poor, poor fallen man--
Please say yes, if you can--
He'd always be up for you,
Doing what ye bid him do;
Care for you, make you fly--
Well, the least he can try...

With him you'd be the only one,
He'd turn the tides, stop the sun
For, at your very behest--
In any case, he'd try his best..

What more, he will fall in love
Every day and like a dove
His heart will flutter to see you smile:
Hold your hands for a while
And perhaps even sing to you,
While you are looking at him too;

Write down lines and pretty rhymes,
He'd tell jokes, make up mimes
If only that adds to your joy
Forever be yours..the very boy:

I tell you do accept this heart,
Give me a chance...give me a start--
In soothe I shall ever be thine
So, would you be my Valentine?