Standing at a crossroads

Written by: Seren Roberts

Standing at the  crossroads of life
I wonder which path I will take
The one that makes life easy
Or the one to happiness.

The easy path will take me to
A life of ease and riches
Where work conditions are perfect
Making life  go without hitches

The path to happiness is paved
With heartache along the way
But when you get to the end  of the journey
Your heart with be wanting to stay

So i stand and wonder And wait
Knowing that i will be shown the way

The path to easy living
Is to work in a hospital near by
Have satisfaction in my work
But I would be living a lie

The path  that leads to  happiness
Will take me far away, to  a poor country
Where the women need my help as a midwife
Where many  babies an mums now die 

I will run the gauntlet of many men
Who class women as lower than  cattle
Not having  help in an way so they die
I know i will have to battle.

To set up a clinic where i can help
Give advice  on keeping things clean
Helping the health of the starving
Showing where to begin.

Be their midwife when needed
For now so many more die than live
When complications arise
But with  help from above they'll survive

My head and heart are in conflict
My family say don't depart
But I have to live with my self
Follow whats in my heart

So I have  bought a  ticket
To foreign soil i must go
If i only help just a few
I will have tried thats all I know.

Seren Roberts