Everywhere and Everytime

Written by: nilofar shaikh

Was out for the whole day,
Went shopping and eating,
Wondered if there was,
A shop for feelings,
And emotions were served in the restaurant!

We all would buy the best of them,
Happiness, Surprise, Love, Pleasure, Peace, Humility and many more,
Would take emotions of the superior and fine quality!
Like those of Belongingness, Kindness, Compassion and Contentment!

Pondered a little more,
I realized whatever we choose,
'Feelings and emotions' are closely associated with what we pay for, 
So there need not be exclusive stores for them!

Then a second thought came in my mind,
Would we then look for a wholesome meal at the cheap price?
Would we bargain then? 
Would we then wait for discounts?

I asked myself,
And reflected,
We look for the ‘best deals’,
Everywhere and Everytime!