Shadow of Winter Rain

Written by: jett franco

 path on foot of miles away
tender snowy air starting to play
of all my years i started to see
the fighting roaring falling rain.

almost the people of desert sand
raised their hands blessing had come
I just wish to see my motherland
with abundant rainy days, stay safe lad.

the thirsty green laughing loud
now facing the roaring shower of gold
more than their flooding gift known
twice as precious, used as god.

at the rear window as the journey goes on
I hear the sound of the blowing air
a flock of dust viewed to form
I see it clear as winter, make him known.

the dust just stay at ease
growing on clear mountain range
snowy wind again awake my soul
I just wish to hug and control.

before the winter's name, I welcome you
here by the shadow of the velvet blue
as my soul longing to see you
please come let me taste the viper in you.