Shadow Dance

Written by: Carl Fraser

I dim the lights to a flicker,
For the shadows beg to dance;
Ive always been a sucker,
for a midnight shadow romance.

Glimmering silver moonbeams,
trickle through these dusty shades;
The spotlight awakens this hollow room,
Yes it's shadows on parade.

The shadows never argue,
nor do their feet get sore;
And shadows always answer ,
every time I ask for more.

Shadows keep my secrets,
all that I hold so dear;
And shadows never gossip,
no matter what they hear.

My shadows are good listeners,
whenever I feel blue;
They sit with me til the sun comes up,
and always see me through.

Shadows catch my teardrops,
before they ever hit the floor;
and turn them into waterfalls ,
to wash away whats sore.

Yes the shadows are to me,
my closest, faithful friends;
And although it is unspoken,
I know they will love me to the end.