My Longing

Written by: Laura Breidenthal

Deep into the world of mystery I find my heart buried
Until from tear-filled eyes my mind pours deep water
A sprinkled light so distant somehow comes to view,
But I am stuck in miserable muddle and I cannot reach
Shadows of regret and doubt create blockades around me
Cutting me clear off from the world and its inhabitants
As the hourglass pours its sand into my glistening eye
Sending me pleasant yet cruel dreams of the impossible
I see in a mind’s eye the fresh green grasslands in breeze
I smell roses and hollyhocks mixed with light, delicate rain
My spinning head is soothed in make-believe birdsong,
Though in reality I am profoundly crunched in filth
I gaze at laurels and lilies lapping in cool, sifting ponds
Beckoning my yearning soul
But there is no way to you!
If only I had been born in another life, 
Yet even then I would always yearn for something more
I bask in hope—only in vain
For the hour glass smothers me in its salty truth
Burying my mind away from the faintest light
Shadows of regret will always be my obstacle
As the hour glass blinds all leakage of hope

-inspired by the song “Sehnsucht" or “Longing"