God's Way Is Best

Written by: DrJim Martin

The flowers grow at God’s command.
The direction of the wind is in His hand.
The ways of a man are to some unknown
To God alone are all things known.

His domain over the affairs of man,
Many refuse to try to understand.
When life seems to be all disarrayed,
Remember that He has never strayed.

He has not surrendered to any His rule.
Those who so think are compared to a fool.
He has never lost a single case,
He will never from any His love erase.

Some do not understand such love
That emanates from the Father above.
They somehow think that in love’s guise,
Anything goes, they thus surmise.

At the end of the day there is one thing clear,
Regarding this all should certainly hear.
His will is clearly already planned,
And will through all ages, undeniably stand.