The Mud Puddle

Written by: DrJim Martin

He simply could not resist,
The mud puddle he could easily have missed.
As he carelessly tripped into the middle,
The bottom of the puddle he kissed.

He could not have had more fun,
As into the puddle he would run.
Now mudcovered head to toe,
There was no place for the ray of the sun.

After playtime had come to an end,
And much energy he did spend,
It was back again to his home,
And see if Mom’s intolerance would bend. 

He stood there before her and squirmed.
She looked at him and stood very firm.
He knew he had crossed the line,
As there was now no place to turn. 

He was amazed at what he would hear,
As he stood before her in fear.
She fought back the laughter that day
And simply said, “No play today, dear.”