Some Places I've Called Home

Written by: DrJim Martin

Home is where the heart is,
Or so the saying goes.
There Is really much more than this,
As everyone, surely, knows.

Home is where you hang your hat,
Is another slogan that Is nifty.
There’s much, much more than that
In these sayings that are shifty.

These first sixty years of existence,
Have shown that locales often change.
It Is often amidst much resistance
Those environments are quickly rearranged.

The Deep South is known as Dixieland.
It has been the most frequented of all.
It Is the place that I call most grand,
And from there most memories I recall.

Alabama has its steel city glory,
It’s down home memories from the past.
There is always a football story
That can cause a battle real fast.

Florida is the sunshine state.
It was there that the gulf always called.
Living there was certainly great,
Activity in the sun was a ball.

The rolling Virginia hills,
Were too beautiful to easily describe.
It was always a tremendous thrill
To enjoy an afternoon ride.

The German culture was certainly new.
The scenery was amazingly grand.
There was always something fun to do,
And to learn in that foreign land.

Italy brings back memories, not a few,
With so much natural beauty.
There was always a dish that was new,
And to try it was always our duty.

Places like Kuwait, Qatar, near Iraq
Were also temporarily called home.
Memories from there sure come back
As I reflect on places I have roamed.

Leaving the Persian Gulf was good
Though being there was a privilege to me.
To return to Utah’s neighborhoods,
Is something, for which I will always grateful, be.

Fond memories I have from Utah.
Many friends remain there still.
Multitudes of sights there I saw,
Including those magnificent hills.

Korea and Okinawa were home for a while
My stay there was very short.
Both brought to my face a smile
As I did for a time there resort.

Places like Texas or possibly Caroline,
Colorado, Washington and such,
Could be added to places that were very fine
Which were enjoyed very much.

The list could surely go on and on.
Many places I have been blessed to see.
Though some were relatively short-lived homes,
All were wonderful to me.

To reflect on all these places,
And remember blessings from each,
Certainly much disparity erases,
And daily, new lessons they teach.

A dream is to someday return
To some places named above.
It in my heart does burn,
To revisit places I love.

Home really is where your heart is.
This surely must be true.
Home I will undoubtedly miss
In many places I have traveled to.