best way to the heart

Written by: andrew delapruch

the best way to the heart is
through friendship &
though it may be known,
it seems to be hardly acted 
upon, in a fast paced, neon
lit extravaganza, the one
track minded motivation seems
to be 
**** first &
ask questions later.

how many 70 year olds are
still popping sexual stimulants,
be them prescription or otherwise
in order to bang away the blues
& wake up the next morning in their
own bed, far far away from
last night’s mistake?

is  there a fear in those who
look before they jump, that by
default, they might in fact get
to participate in less jumping?

how old does one have to be
to come to another conclusion,
one in which getting to know
a person beforehand, just might
enhance the mutual wonder &
make the nitty gritty so much more
explosive when it does actually
go down?

questions &
everyone has their own