Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

Can you bring back yesterday
For just a little while,
I want to do it all again
And everyday I'd smile.

I don't think I realized
How lucky I was then,
I was blessed with intelligence
family, and many friends.

I could have done so very much
Knowing what I know now,
Please bring back my yesterday
Can you show me how.

I had the opportunity
To have an education,
But at the time I decided
I needed a vacation.

I was not bad looking
Ugly,certainly not
I had a few small talents
But not using them I forgot.

I want to wake up yesterday
And try a little harder,
And if I had a second chance
I'd be a little smarter.

I would make each moment count
And give life such a try,
Where is my precious yesterday....
It didn't even say "Goodbye"

Lynn Barany