The Loss and the Promise

Written by: Carl Fraser

When a parent loses one of their children,
their heart is forever torn;
To look at a precious life extinguished,
while remembering the day they were born.

From the cradle to their first step,
and bouncing them on your knee;
You cry and cry and scream out loud,
"God how could you do this to me".

The memories flow with the teardrops,
upon the casket door;
And as they lower them six feet under,
you realize they are gone forever more.

You lay your head on your pillow,
and cry yourself to sleep;
You return to work and fake your smile,
when inside you want to weep.

There is no healing from such a loss,
you just abide daily with the pain;
And believe God's promise will stand true,
that you will see them once again.