Written by: Katelyn Dobbs

We all have those moments, 
of tackling conflict 
In this world- 
we get smacked with so many words 
which claim to be the truth. 

College was tough, 
you show up for class in a black rain coat and boots
 from mornings’ rumbling grey skies. 
And take a seat in the back
with a cup of dark coffee, 
and hope-
that your professor doesn’t 
push or pry you away from

A place where you were allowed 
to live and play in your dreams. 

But I gotta tell you, 
what’s important is that we get it together. 
Turn our heart headed mind to all forms   
 of true good, kind love.
It’s well is sprite for you and for me, 
it’s well is a fragrance pouring 
happy eternity.