My Refuge

Written by: Carl Fraser

As the air hangs heavy o'er the still dark night,
and the crickets are courting as the fireflies light.
I stroll through the valley deep in thought once again,
unable to release all the turmoil and pain.
The leaves whisper softly as they dance in the sky,
but I pay them no heed as I break down and cry.
The wind calls my name but falls on deaf ears,
for the pounding of my heart is all that I hear.
Yes I've abandoned little things that used to mean so much,
in the serenity of my surroundings I've hopelessly lost touch.
I drop to my knees as my heart screams to the sky,
for someone to save me or hear my cry.
Then peace floods my soul and I feel so free,
in the heart of my refuge it's just God and me.