Present for christmas

Written by: Seren Roberts

Oh what fun its  going to be shopping,In a joke shop for the clown of a poet.   
Can you guess who deserves a whoopee cushion. 
No-one but the clown of P.S. Jack  Ellison. 
Who turns my smiles to full on laughter.  
Hope your not blamed for the noise it emits

Today I am looking for something special. 
For the lady that always says nice things to one and all. 
Encouragement is her midde name.  
So here I am looking, for the perfect jewel on a chain,  for one of P.S. jewels Anne -Lise Andresen you are there for everyone, so I thought an amethyst footed the bill

This present is for Vienna, this was the hardest of all,  
She is  so much a lady I didn't want to fail.  
Perfume seemed the answer, not too heavy but a hint of spice.
 It will  match her poetry and  comments, hope she will like it.
Thought Charisma, was  the perfect  name.

Next I have chosen to buy something small for Poet Destroyer, 
ha ha with a name like  that i thought of something sharp and violent.  
But no this p.d. Is a  lamb.  
So I have  bought her a scarf  long and  fluffy so she can huddle in  it.
As she contemplates her next contest.

Finally,  oh my I have left this present  til last, 
not sure of  his tastes and dislikes, 
well I looked at a pen but thought  no 
thats not right.  He uses a computer to do his writes.  
Then I saw it the advert for a  balloon ride,  so up up and away will go "the scribe."

Well thats  5 pressies for sure. Hope they will  all suffice,  
cos thy were all bought with thoughtfulness. 
Have fun one and all. 
If I haven't bought for you, your next on my list.  
Come next fall.