The Painting

Written by: Broken Wings

~~ The art gallery was deserted as I wandered the rooms Contemplating quietly alone and peacefulness was mine Stopping at a painting of a lone woman, I gazed at her face Eyes that looked sad, much like mine and as I looked, I wished She looked so heavenly but she wore her deep sadness I could feel her pain, O, if I could but step within the frame And in a blink, I was transported and was within the painting I looked out at myself, a girl with sad and fathomless seeking eyes My gown within the frame was quite lovely, soft and rich A forest green velvet creation with white lace peaking out I sat on a gilded chair and on my lap lay a white mink fur coat My hand stroked the fur in my sadness, it seems I was going outside Behind me was a window view of a frozen lake and stark trees Storm clouds gathering in the sky, I shivered, the year was 1817 I felt elegant, my hair falling in waves, cascading down to my waist But the deep sadness within my soul was overwhelming, tears flowing I was a girl, so vintage in her style with sleek long hair Standing in the gallery, in front of the painting of the lone woman Slowly, I walked away but the sadness within my soul still remained And I knew forever and ever that this painting would haunt my days Written by Constance La France October 28, 2012 Narrative Inspired by the painting Henriette Le Moine (1817) Painted by Theophile Hamel National Gallery of Canada