One More Lifetime

Written by: brandy uptain

Sleep now my most adored,
With whom I completely inamoured.
Stay safely wrapped in my arms all the night through,
And know that when the dawn kisses the horizon I will still be here with you.
Tonight no nightmare shall come to call,
Tonight my angel shall not fall.
Not a tear shall you shed,
I shall shed them in your stead.
No such hateful things shall stain your beautiful eyes,
Not while I am here to take upon your soul's cries.
Goodnight my most treasured,
Whose worth I could never measure.
You are worth more than the world's silver and gold,
You have more worth than anything ever sold.
You are worth more than anything the world could ever give,
My only request to you is... live.
Give me one more second to love what I hold most dear,
God, this I pray, give me one more lifetime to hold her near.