Night After Night

Written by: Carl Fraser

Its something i do, 
all through the week;
Pray the lord, 
my soul to keep.
Through broken dreams,
and nights with no sleep;
For in the recesses of my mind,
 deep crashes into deep.
I cover my head with my pillow, 
so  angels cant see me cry;
Sometimes i wish for my savior
To lift me up to the skies.
Thoughts tend to haunt me, 
all through the night;
Dragging my soul,
 far from the light.
No wishing i may,
no wishing i might;
No other option,
than to live with the fright.
No ray of hope,
no little star bright;
No wishing one day,
that I'll be all right.
Facing the dawn,
with bloodshot eyes;
I Put on a fake smile,
to live out this lie.
People think im fine,
they cant see whats inside;
How far i want to run,
how much i want to hide.
Will the decay continue?
Will i be free when i die?
Only time had my answers,
unless time denies.
Maybe i will finally surrender,
maybe try numbing the pain;
To alter my character, 
to make mush of my brain.
Perhaps my creator will be angry, 
and make me go thru this again;
Its all so confusing,
Its all so insane;
Its like a constant roaring, 
of a runaway train;
But now this song is over, 
for the nights here again...