My Child

Written by: brandy uptain

As the day draws to an end,
I begin...
I wait by the phone,
But am I truly alone?
Memories of you come unbiddingly,
And my heart calls out unwittingly.
I loved you before I ever knew you,
One look into your beautiful baby blues,
And my heart came unglued.
Ever since the first time you smiled,
My life has been worthwhile.
You are my angel, my savior, my salvation,
Looking at you gives me such revelation.
You are my compass that always leads me north,
And I could never explain your worth.
My heart breaks everytime...
Tears escape your beautiful eyes.
I want to hear your lilting little laugh again,
And see you impish little grin.
I want to have you in my arms,
And always keep you from harm.
I want to smell your soft scent,
But it is the one I will never forget.
I want to hug you to me and forget everything,
Because of the beauty and pleasure you bring.
You are my soul's guide,
The reason in my chaotic life,
Where my heart resides.
You are my child,
So gentle and mild.
And if you ever get hurt or lost in your mind,
Remember I will love you until time is no longer time.