You Are My

Written by: brandy uptain

There are so many references that remind me of you,
Why I love you and why I will always be true.
You are my Ellenore,
And I will love you forevermore.
You are my Hercules,
You found me and set my heart free.
You are my Zeus above all others,
So different from any other.
You are my Eros god of love,
My angel sent from above.
You are my Casanova the masked man that stole my heart,
And I know you'll never tear it apart.
You are my Captain always at my mast,
Always here to help me out live my past.
You are my Romeo, my prince,
I met you and my life hasn't been the same since.
You are my Country boy,
So sly and so coy.
You are my Peace,
A safe haven that gives my heart and tears sweet release.
You are my Holiday,
Everytime you look at me you take me away.
Most importantly you are my Heart and Soul,
And now I know you are mine because I have paid my tolls.