Hmmm okay

Written by: Lati james

All I'm lookin for is someone who 
understands my art
And all you need is someone who 
understand your heart
The heart that you DO have
That beats so fast  
That hurts so bad 
When you get sad
Yeah I get it but my comprehension 
isn't enough to make us last
I can't keep up with your future it 
compete with your past.
But you said it doesn't later who you 
used to love, or how you are 
Cuz I'm the one your fucking in the 
back of this car
And I'm  the one your holding when 
were laying in bed 
And I'm the one that you call when 
you can't control the shit in your 
Your beauty it touches me and it 
feels so good. 
Love me back, I wish you would
Let you go, I wish I could
Say goodbye, I know we should
But who am I to give up cuz your a 
little misunderstood?