My Treasure Chest of Words

Written by: Eileen Manassian

In the heavy silence
I grope around
In my treasure chest of words
Fumbling to find
The right one…
The word jewel…
Glowing with honesty
Radiating with passion
Emanating love
Displaying desire
Quarried from…
The rock of my heart.

Where is it?
Oh, where is it?
I look at your impassive face
Indifference in every line
Of all I consider fair
And idolatrous.

I continue to search
In the suffocating silence…
Finding a few choice words
I string them along in my mind
Not good enough!

Discarding them,
I search again.

In hopeless desperation
I reach across the abyss and…
Caress your check
My fingers saying
What my lips cannot form
And glory of glories
Heaven on earth…
You smile
Leaning your face
Into my hand.

For Treasure Chest Contest
By Anthony Slausen