Embrace the Lessons

Written by: Chula Fleming

In the classroom of the Cosmos
Experience is the just and thoughtful Master.
She taxes us to teach us strength;
Plays silent games to teach us laughter.

How can we scorn Her Wisdom, 
and cry She's been unfair, if
the Lessons bring us closer
to the Truth of who we really are?

It's so much easier not to strive
For the etheric and vaporous Light,
For peaceful pondering amidst clamoring thoughts,
To gather a quivering bold and brilliant insight.

Less challenging is it to let the lessons pass
By simply ignoring the glaring truth and 
pretending we don't see the signs 
reflecting the sacred, simple path.

We can promise to set our hands to work
Upon some far-flung, unspecific day, 
And waste a lifetime gathering petty lines
For our childish, uneventful play.

Unless we stretch and really reach 
For Knowledge, and the meaning behind it's veil,
We're dull and drained of vigor,
Sick of soul and rancor swells.

There's no light to bring the blush of youth
To placid cheeks afraid of candor;
No spring enchanted steps to dance
Or sparkling laughter filled eyes reflecting splendor.

Within each painful moment, a chance to awaken sleeps.
Breathlessly charge the day, and embrace the lessons that it keeps!