Written by: brandy uptain

When I look in the mirror what do I see,
A beautiful, shy, fragile child looking back at me.
Will she ever be able to find her way,
Will she be a little better by the end of the day?
Will she come into her own,
So far from home?
Will she ever know of her own intelligence,
Or of her sophisticated elegance?
Will she ever know of the innocence she wraps herself in,
Will she ever love a man to no end?
Will she ever know of the sparkle in her emerald eyes,
Will they never forget the tears they have cried?
Will she ever know of her inner light,
That shines for all that know her like a beacon in the night?
Will she ever know how to be world's greatest mom,
To hold her children until their souls have calmed?
Will she ever know what it's like to hold a man's heart,
With a love so strong and happy that the angels did impart?
Will this fragile girl,
Ever truly know her world?
This is what I see,
When I look at the reflections of me.
I want this quiet, beautiful girl to become the woman she was meant to be,
That is when I will look in the mirror and truly see...