Seeking Happiness

Written by: Broken Wings

~~ My life is far from perfect, it is full of flaws and unhappiness I seek a life of purpose, a life of meaning, I need to find myself Happiness is a state of being, it comes from deep within, a peacefulness I sit quietly watching the rain dance and I am lost within a total inner place I want to reach out to others and share my thoughts and emotions There is no price for happiness it is a place that we travel towards alone It can come in simple things, my cat purring, the love of family or friends I had a sweet love but I only find his name engraved down a winding road I have my poetry and my spiritual values, I have much in my life Today, I saw a man begging on the street with pleading eyes seeking I should be ashamed, I have a job, a warm nest in which to be comforted So much the Lord has given to me and yet I am still seeking true happiness Written by Constance La France October 27, 2012 Verse