The Pit of Love

Written by: Bryanna Williams

I fixed my eyes upon the pit
And vowed to stay away.
And yet the blackness called to me,
From where I wished to stay.

They say love's one man's folly
And another's key to fame.
But love was not the issue,
I hated the crying games.

Still, I wandered toward the pit,
It held a strange allure.
It proved a place of mystery
I'd never been before.

Up to the edge I crept,
Looking into the abyss.
Though I knew not what awaited me,
This chance I could not miss.

I lived a sheltered, quiet life;
I longed to risk it all.
I took one more step forward,
'Twas there I took the fall.

I tried to grab the edge,
Regretting my new fate.
Instead I kept on falling;
My efforts were in vain.

Although I landed softly,
I sensed bruises or a scar.
But those were often made
In matters of the heart.

However, doubt consumed my mind,
"Would he be like the last?"
Until at length I felt a touch,
It swept the doubt I'd cast.

His strong hands pulled me close to him.
As one one we climbed above.
I realized I had fallen safe
Into the arms of Love.