The hooker and the gentleman

Written by: Dino Spahillari

In one of those nights
under a corner light
he picked her up for a ride
she smelled cheap cologne
he smelled acqua di gio
they stopped by the bridge
how much,he asked
two hundred she said
here is my credit card
that's all i got
are you kidding me you fat bastard
where is my money
you cheap mthfckr
get out of my car
he yelled
or i'm gonna call the cops
and took off
he went home
where wife and two kids
were waiting at the table
for supper
he kissed everyone
he sat
said a quick prayer
told them how tiring is
to be a provider
"it takes pride
and honesty" he said
and went straight to bed
happy that again
he had a good day...

There is no hollywood ending
in this little tale
while the poor hooker 
is sitting still there
under the corner light
waiting for her pimp
that will show up
to collect the money
and they're not enough
it is what it is
it's not wrong or right...