Written by: BL Devnath

                                               Inner beauty lasts long 
                                                 because truth lies in
                                          where no dress or cosmetics 
                                                  needed to maintain
                                        Outer beauty is already finished 
                                           we cultivate again and again
                                                  we put extra colors
                                           for our own expected design
                                               Over the nature always
                                                 we try to be masters
                                              human instinct is such that
                                         we arrange show of block busters

                                          The whole Universe is a plate form
                                           thousand crores of galaxies there
                                               they are busy for our needs
                                            we are tiny they also take care 

                                                 A great body without flesh
                                                    global body is indeed
                                               our bodies sense with mind
                                                         comes from it 

                                                   All are outer of inner Soul
                                                   Supreme God paying dole                                             
                                               The Total Universe is like a doll
                                   Just the game of utmost "GOD" within the whole