Written by: Mellaney Runge

Forgive me when I can not,
Forgive me for all I did wrong.
Help me to move on from here
to let go from what I have held for so long.
I know I may not deserve it,
I understand that it will be tough.
The road I have walked is so rocky,
The journey has been rough.
I need to let go of the hurt now,
I need to start new
I thought forgiveness 
is what I needed from you.
But when you forgave me,
the pain still remained.
I tried to let go
but I was still in pain.
The forgiveness I need is there
It can only come form me
But how can I forgive myself
When the mistakes I can not see.
Still lost and alone I feel
Far from what is real.
Trying to get back to whats real
To understand what I need to feel.