Written by: Demeter Edwards

Love me, and I will love you with passion
Stay with me, and I will give you my compassionate emotion
Kiss me, and I will give you all the attention
Show me you care, and you will always receive my affection
Whisper through my ears and say you love me, and I will always be your shield, your protection

Sing to me on the phone line, and you will always remain in my mine
Be my shooting star, my sunshine
Call me on your phone, so I know that I am not alone
Make an oath to me, saying that your loving will never depart
Tell me that you will never break my h-e-a-r-t
Say to me, you will always stay in my life
Show me, even though we are not married that you are on the path to be my future wife
Say to me this love is real and not a flirt
Indicate to me that you are not playing, and I will not get hurt.

 Demeter Edwards