Written by: Sherwin Balbuena

Hold my hand, my Princess, 
As we step on this grey ground 
Where a clear line passes 
Separating ill and sound. 

Look at Sol, my Princess; 
Feel the warmth of Her welcome 
Like the yellow roses 
That bloom when the dawn has come. 

Hear the birds, my Princess; 
Translate their sweet melody, 
And you will find a verse 
That says: No need to worry. 

Breathe the air, my Princess, 
Whilst it is pure and fragrant. 
Be like the green grasses 
That dance to the cool wind's chant. 

Turn your head, my Princess; 
Do not look at the dark night. 
Though stars are in brightness, 
The world is in black and white. 

Lean on me, my Princess, 
When you are tired of watching. 
My shoulders mean prowess 
That wanes your pain and crying. 

Let us go, my Princess, 
To that bright place, pure and green. 
Help me build a fortress 
And be my beautiful Queen.