Chasing A Ghost

Written by: Joel Lee

I wondered for the many times
Forever wondering myself into nothingness
Some self lost I can no more find
Simply deceiving myself into being honest

Chasing a ghost... chasing but an illusion
Catching a dream... catching the dissolving substance
As always as before, I caught my moment
But already... I have forgotten

And there I was... an empty shell
The ghost in me wanders far and wide
Into the seas of humanities I only fell
The human in me... simply died

Logics and reasons left me for good
Reasoning logically is illogical unreasoning
The very idea I fairly understood
Yet I find myself ever constantly questioning

My ghost wandered, I wondered
Wondering into yet the promising nothingness
Dying everyday... am I any left to ponder?
As I laugh with the devil... I know I am honest