Strong Willed

Written by: Tiffany Rowe

She's Strong Willed
as she holds back the tears

What had just happened
was one of her worst fears

She never thought
this day would come

The day she
would have to burry a loved one

Yet she carries herself
as if she's battling the cries

Even though the pain
inside still lies

She pushes it all
down so no one sees

That the hurt
puts her to her knees

She hides it all
behind her smile

Not knowing all
the while

That everyone can see
what is really going on

They know none of her 
pain is really gone

She will pretend she
isn't upset at all

Even though the world
around her is beginning to fall

She doesn't want 
no one to know how 
it makes her feel

In fear of talking
might make the pain real

She is strong willed
but doesn't know

That her pain
really does show