Written by: Seren Roberts

Halloween is upon us
A party is in sight
What shall I dress up as
To give someone a fright

Shall I be a ghost
All dressed up in white
Or a witch  maybe
Hmm cant decide whats right

So I asked a few friends
What shall  i wear
Cheeky things said its ok
Go just as you are..

I know my eyes are green
People think  thats strange
But to say i need nothing else
To look like halloween

Think  I need to change my friends
Or maybe  its just true
That the scary part of living
Is just being you. 

But I have got my costume
Bought it off  E Bay
Hope it fits alright
And doesn't rip I pray

Cos I am going as
A skeleton which i hope will be
Me looking inches slimmer
Than life's reality.

Hope no one frightens me
And make me quake within
Cos i don't want to
Jump out of my skin.

Only thing about this disguise
Is thats its all in one
Better keep off the liquids
Til the night is done.